Brick Lane

fairy lights

More London wanderings, this time along Brick Lane itself. It was buzzing with people, everywhere you looked. Music swelled from doorways (that’s one thing that amazes me about Brick Lane – the whole street is constantly pulsing with music, and yet I can never pinpoint where it is coming from. What’s more, why is there never a clash of songs from different venues? Baffling.) People gathered, bearded and vintage-clad, grasping cheap wine in their tattooed hands, boutique shopping bags resting at their feet and mix-breed dogs in bow ties in their laps.

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Only in this part of London is is considered normal for people to dress their dogs in guitar sunglasses. In no other part of London will you see so many shades of pastels, neons, pixelated bolds and mismatched ombres adorning more heads than the traditional blonds, brunettes and redheads. I find this to be the most free spirited point of this city, where people dress as they please, style their hair as they please, do as they please and say as they please. People come from all corners of the world in a big, delicious soup of culture and language and tastes. It is wonderful.

xmas cleaning

red woman phone

bamboo sax

chipmunk heads

rich poor




box park



All photography by Emma Styles.

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