Last month I was lucky enough to work with actress and model, Constanza Zambrano in Hampstead. It was a small shoot with just she, myself, and our makeup artist, Louise Connor, and we had a simple idea in mind. All in all, it was a perfect day for a photo shoot - a little sunny perhaps, but that only gave us a chance to experiment with the resulting harsh shadows and use them to create a harsh, cinematic style. Our day was spent roaming the streets of Hampstead village, using the Victorian brick walls which line the residential streets, ivy-covered fences and the old Pergola on Hampstead Heath as our backdrops. All in all, this was such a wonderful and successful shoot.

Constanza-4722 Constanza-4714Constanza-4887Constanza-4871 Constanza-4860 Constanza-4838 Constanza-4833 Constanza-4830 Constanza-4806 Constanza-4800 Constanza-4793 Constanza-4783 Constanza-4780 Constanza-4777 Constanza-4772Constanza-4928 Constanza-4987 Constanza-4976 Constanza-4959Constanza-5016Constanza-5039 Constanza-5030Constanza-5054

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