Erica & Craig

Back in October I was fortunate enough to photograph the 20s-themed wedding of a good friend of mine, someone who I met at university, and whose final fashion assignment I photographed. Photographing a wedding is, of course, always extra special when its between two people I already know, and it was therefore lovely to be able to document Erica and Craig’s special day for them.

FYI, being the amazing fashion designer that she is, Erica made her own dress for the day, as well as all of the bridesmaids dresses, while Craig is responsible for all of the caps and bow ties… that shows some serious talent, I think.

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall – The Great Gatsby

With their permission, I wanted to share a selection of the final images from the day:

_MG_1324_MG_1606_MG_1605_MG_1530_MG_1607_MG_1684_MG_1664_MG_1649_MG_1727_MG_1796_MG_1872_MG_1868_MG_1866_MG_1881_MG_2065_MG_2040 _MG_2039_MG_2187_MG_2184_MG_2150_MG_2296 _MG_2304_MG_2325_MG_2340_MG_2335_MG_2381_MG_2482_MG_2457_MG_2412_MG_2526_MG_2627_MG_2577_MG_2685_MG_2744_MG_2724 _MG_2842 _MG_2821_MG_2780_MG_2866_MG_2916_MG_2945

Time to drink champagne and dance on the table – The Great Gatsby

_MG_2969_MG_3533_MG_4025 _MG_4015 _MG_3952 _MG_3907_MG_3342_MG_3901_MG_3865_MG_3823_MG_3695_MG_3686_MG_3660_MG_3629_MG_3596_MG_3328_MG_3316_MG_3272_MG_3227

_MG_3151 _MG_3205_MG_3196_MG_4072

I just want to say, for the thousandth time, a big thank you to Erica and Craig for trusting me as your photographer!

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