Musings on Heroism/Villainy

Posted on Writing

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People obsess so over good and bad, right and wrong, desperate for categorisation and cause. There are no angelic heroes of evil villains in this world as we see in our storybooks and on great screens. We are each only human, each just as capable of shining light as casting darkness. The trick is keeping each in careful check; as much damage can be caused by dazzling light as with pitch black.

I can promise with all certainty that I am capable of destruction as easily as creation. My mind and heart are a dangerous team at all moments, a potent blend of raging thoughts and pounding sentiment.

I am much too little for such big passions. They bubble from my pores and on release there is no relinquish until the fire has cooled to a flickering flame and I settle into a deep rest. My veins burn and pulse in the same manner be there the urge to fight and scream or to kiss and love.

The cage of our chests was surely not designed to house such force? That of our precarious hearts.

We are all Calypso trapped in fragile form.

And it is for this reason that there are no true heroes, or true villains in this world.

And never shall be.


Your thoughts?