Right now I’m obsessed with my old family photos, looking back at where I come from and what made me who I am.

Unknown men on beach
Tom Rowley Allan Witherington car pauline weymouth Mary Edwards Larry and Ida DelaneyIMGida treeIda Rowley Bikeida pauline jim weymouthGranny edwards elizabeth rowley ida RowleyGranny Edwards & unknown menElizabeth Edwards Tom RowleyCharles Thomas Rowley in flying corps WW1Charabanc in Gt Hampton St with CTR under the N maybe 1924Annie Granny RowleyAlan witheringto n Ida rowley Sam Witherington_MG_1934_MG_1932_MG_1924_MG_1922_MG_1920
Frankly, I don’t think I’m the only decent photographer in the family…

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